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E.maci.ated Cat Found on Brooklyn Street, Desmond, Proves to be a Perfectly Polite Companion

Meet “Sir Desmond Fewbeans, first of his name,” an adorable rescued senior cat saved during a heat wave in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Rescuers from Greenpoint Cats saw Desmond doing his best to survive on the street.

But due to the heat, he was very thirsty, and you can see he was starving. Immediately, Desmond was so friendly and accepted food and water, and the rescuers couldn’t walk away.

Later, they learned Desmond is FIV+, common among outdoor cats that get into fights over resources and territory. But, just like Marmalade, being FIV+ doesn’t mean these cats can’t live happy, healthy lives with other indoor cats. The risk of transmission in indoor kitties is very low.

“Desmond. When we saw him – skinny, starving, friendly, and a little beat up – we couldn’t turn our backs on him. So, he’s with us now and has been neutered and vetted,” they shared.

“He’s FIV+ which is not surprising, given that infection is more prevalent among outdoor free-roaming males,

that are fighting (and biting) over territory (and females). FIV-positive cats can, however, live long healthy lives, especially if brought indoors to live a relatively stress-free life! And yes, FIV+ cats can safely live with uninfected cats! Once neutered and living in a stable home environment, the risk of transmission is extremely low,” Greenpoint Cats shared on Instagram.

You can see that Desmond looked scruffy and a little down, but wow, quite the transformation was about to happen! Given a safe and loving home, cats like these can make the most amazing companions.

Senior cat looking sad in a crate

Desmond Fewbeans Transforms In Foster Care

By mid-August, Desmond Fewbeans had fully recovered and thrived in foster care. Now, the rescuers shared such a wonderful update about the charismatic cat.

“Do you remember Desmond, one of our heat wave rescues from a few weeks ago? He’s cooled off, putting some meat on those bones, and is ready for adoption!”

Cute Desmond the rescued cat, Greenpoint Cats

As an adult cat, he enjoys being with people and is content to be a couch potato or the life of the party. Someone in the Brooklyn area will be lucky to have such an elegant and wise furry friend to share their home with.

“Desmond is the cat you want to come home to: he will greet you, snuggle you, and gladly join you on the sofa to zone out in front of Netflix and hear all about your day. When the weekend comes around, he will be the life of the party. Outgoing and sociable, Desmond would love to meet your friends (and is good with cat friends, too!).”

Desmond acting silly on a bed

Desmond Is The Purrfect Gentleman

As a cat saved from the street, one might expect Desmond would be fearful, but not so. He’s seen some hardships but takes life as it comes and has adjusted to indoor life rapidly. To see his beginnings, one might not guess.

“‘Skittish’ is not a word in Desmond’s vocabulary. He is a catnip connoisseur, prefers chicken to fish, loves windows and hammocks, and the vacuum is his mortal enemy. He lost a toe along the way and earned the title Sir Desmond Fewbeans, first of his name, and that doesn’t hold him back!”

Cute grey cat with a toy banana

Who wouldn’t want to have such a distinguished gentleman cat to share their apartment? He is the picture of elegance and charm.

grey cat sitting on a piano with Beetles music sheet

Grey adult cat, senior cat in a windowsill

Sir Desmond is just one of so many charismatic cats that need help and homes in the Brooklyn area. These older cats are such charmers, with so much love to give. Unfortunately, adult cats can often be overlooked in favor of cute kittens, but older kitties can be ideal and sophisticated companions. All they need is a chance.

Distinguished Gentleman cat

If you’d like to help, you can follow Greenpoint Cats on Instagram. Those living nearby can apply to volunteer or foster cats, and all can donate on their website.

Sir Desmond Fewbeans


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