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Curious Dog Befriends A Butterfly, And Their Photos Are Just Adorable

French Bulldogs are known to be cute thanks to their large, expressive eyes and bat-shaped ears. Mochi, a five-month-old french bulldog from San Diego, California, is probably one of the cutest French Bulldogs ever. She’s such a darling!

According to Mochi’s owner, Rylee Boland, Mochi is fun-loving and affectionate. Currently, it has only been a month since Boland created Mochi’s Instagram. However, Mochi already has almost 7,000 followers.

When you scroll through Mochi’s feed, you will see what Boland means. Mochi loves snuggling with Boland and is constantly adorable. Also, because Mochi is a puppy, she’s very curious and playful.

One day, when Mochi was out playing in Boland’s backyard, she saw a Monarch butterfly with vibrant, orange wings. Captivated, Mochi immediately went to the butterfly, sat still, and calmly watched it.

Boland was baffled by the events, as Mochi is typically quite energetic and should have scared the butterfly away. But, to Boland’s surprise, Mochi kept a safe distance, as if she understood how delicate a butterfly is.

French Bulldogs are known to be intelligent and intuitive, and Mochi’s actions show that she is kind-hearted and empathetic too. Mochi and her butterfly friend stayed like that for 15 minutes, with Mochi just sniffing and observing her little friend.

Before flying away, the butterfly sat on Mochi’s paw for a second.Boland, who watched this exchange unfold, felt touched. More so, she felt that for a moment, the world became perfect.

Luckily, Boland was able to capture the moment because Mochi and the butterfly were both so calm, so he took some photos and posted them on Instagram.










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