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Mother Mare Gives Birth To A Pair Of ‘Rare’ Healthy Twin Ponies Despite Her Advanced Age!

Miracles still happen every day! All the time…!

It’s not often that we come across a pair of twin ponies; that’s truly amazing!!!

Horses typically give birth to one pony per litter, the fact that there are only about one in 10,000 cases of pony twins, compared to three out of every hundred in humans. That alone demonstrates the uniqueness of this mare!

The mother stallion Tiki turns 16 this year, which is quite old for a horse, so her pregnancy will be more difficult, especially if she is expecting twins. Only about 9% of mares carrying twins will be pregnant to term. That’s why Mason’s family, Tiki’s guardian, insists on regular ultrasounds to monitor the babies’ health.

Many people have expressed interest in the process of giving birth to these desirable twins!

This sweet older mother did everything correctly during her pregnancy, and it’s wonderful that her adorable ponies were born healthy at Conley and Koontz Equine Hos.pital in Columbia City, Indiana, 2011.

Fat twin ponies were born in the middle of the night, with the first filly weighing 86 pounds and the second baby weighing 59 pounds. Although she appears to be a little lighter, she is very chubby and lovely and was even able to stand and walk within 10 minutes of giving birth.

The two puppies, like their masterful mother, have a distinct black and white coat!

The twins were given meaningful names right away: Woodcock Pocket and Charming Opal. They were concerned that Tiki wouldn’t know what to do when confronted with her twins, and that she might reject one of them. But she quickly embraced and adored both of them, Tiki proved to be an excellent mother!

Take a look at these stunning twins. What a precious blessing you all are!!

She’s a beautiful old girl.❤️ Mama needs to rest now! She’s done more than her share. Let her just enjoy her life.

Hope she has help to look after her babies so precious.
Bless you all. gorgeous mom and babies…! 🙏🙏🙏

Watch the precious video below:

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