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Pu.ll.ed from the Streets and Recovering from Loss, One Cat Embraces the True Essence of Life!

Struggle is nothing new to 2-year-old male cat Otto. He was found lying in the middle of the road, clearly having been hit by a vehicle. Luckily one passerby refused to leave him and stopped to help the poor boy. They rushed him to the Animal Care Centers of New York City. If they’d left him there, his devastating loss would have been much more.

They Discovered The Feline Was Also Suffering From Some Older Injuries During His Exam.

Weighing in at only 5 pounds, Otto broke their hearts with the tales his wounds told. His tiny body was missing patches of fur all over and there were approximately 30 old puncture wounds! He was also limping due to one of his back legs healing without medical attention after being broken.

The loving cat had come from unimaginable horrors. Happily, the Odd Cat Sanctuary in Salem, Massachusetts stepped in and pulled the feline from death’s door.

His chances of surviving in the shelter with wounds that extensive were very slim.

Tara meets Otto

Odd Cat Sanctuary Was Founded By Tara Kay, Who Spent 12 Years As An Emergency Veterinary Technician.

Loving animals her whole life, her passion is cats and she spends all hours of the day helping save as many as possible.

Their website states that: The mission of the Odd Cat Sanctuary is to help odd cats who have no place to turn. This may be a result of medical illnesses, behavioral issues, being physically challenged, abandoned, abused, or neglected, feral or semi-feral, death row inmates, or seniors.

We believe that all cats deserve love, attention, and medical care, first with a caring foster and then with placement in a forever home. We are a 501(c)(3) organization that is primarily foster based, volunteer driven, and relies on donations, contributions, and fund raising.

Grateful Otto gives Tara head bumps

If There Was A Place For Otto To Feel Welcome And Fully Belong, It Was With Tara.

He joined other foster felines at her home. Here, he was able to heal, be closely monitored and receive the love he may never have experienced in his life. Otto quickly made friends with his new foster-siblings.

Chilling with foster sisters Bumble and Bee

The way Otto warmed up to everyone, purring constantly, led Tara to believe that he had been abandoned. Stray and feral cats aren’t likely as friendly to strange humans or other cats as Otto was.

This only made his story more devastating. To think someone could just discard this lovely boy is tragic.

Feline buddies Tara’s cat Benjamin (L) and another foster Oliver (R)

Otto couldn’t hold back his happiness now that he was finally safe.

He slowly began growing his fur back and gaining much needed weight. What remained concerning, was his previously broken leg and the limited options to help him.

Would he be able to heal from the old injury and avoid further pain?

Would surgery would be needed to amputate the damaged limb?

They wanted to try everything possible before making the irreversible decision.

Regrettably, After Consulting With A Surgeon The Best Option For Otto To Live A Comfortable, Pain Free Life, Was Amputation.

Throughout his journey, they had started an Instagram page for the sweet boy. His growing fan-base was there to support him every step of the way during the devastating loss. The sanctuary started a fundraising page for his surgery on June 11th and quickly surpassed their $750 goal, raising over $1,300!

Otto made it through surgery successfully, like the fighter they knew he was.

Otto post surgery coming out of the anesthesia; cuddling with a recovery buddy

Losing a leg isn’t going to stop this determined cat! Turns out his devastating loss wasn’t going to be so devastating to Otto.

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Otto’s Fans Are Still By His Side And Following The Cat’s New Life As A Cherished “Tripod” Kitty.

Instagram follower lana.cash35 asks, “How is he doing. Does he realize he is legless?”

Happily updating them, the page replied, “He does! First day he kept hissing at it! But he seems to have realized it’s not there now & has adjusted so well! Actually seems more comfortable than he did before.”

After his devastating loss

He Will Be Up For Adoption As Soon As He Is Fully Healed.

The lucky family that bring this loving boy into their lives will surely be rewarded with love, purrs and snuggles for years to come!

After his devastating loss

What “devastating loss?”

Be sure to follow all Odd Cat Sanctuary’s amazing rescue stories on Facebook and Instagram.


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