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Solitary truck driver befriends forsaken stray cat — and now the feline is his unwavering companion on the road

Paul Robertson has been employed as a long-haul truck driver for several years now. Although he enjoys his work, it can feel isolating driving alone on the road.

Fortunately, Paul had a beloved feline companion named Howie, whom he had adopted and who accompanied him on his trips for many years. However, in 2017, Howie passed away, leaving Paul devastated with grief.

Determined to find a new furry companion to keep him company, Paul visited an animal rescue where he was introduced to a ginger cat named Percy. Upon seeing Percy’s scars, torn ear, and missing tooth, Paul immediately recognized him as the perfect companion.


Percy had endured a difficult life, having lived as a stray before being rescued. Despite his challenging past, the cat remained gentle and affectionate. He quickly formed a deep bond with Paul, who officially adopted him.

In due course, Percy became Paul’s constant companion on his long-distance journeys. Riding alongside Paul on a specially designed platform that allowed him to look out the window, Percy relished every moment spent on the road with his new owner.

“He’s incredibly loving and enjoys curling up on my lap, climbing up my chest, and rubbing cheeks with me,” Paul shared on Facebook.

“He’s playful, purrs frequently, and, like any cat, he relishes his meals and naps.”


Paul, who is also a photographer, enjoyed capturing snapshots of Percy and frequently shared them on his Facebook page. As a result of these adorable pictures, the cat gained a significant following on the platform.

In February 2017, Paul experienced one of the most terrifying moments of his life while they were parked at a truck stop in Ohio. Upon waking up in the morning, he realized that the passenger window was down, and Percy was nowhere to be found.

Although Percy had occasionally disappeared in the past, typically when there was a bird outside, this time he did not respond to

Paul’s calls or appear when he searched the area near the rest stop. To make matters worse, the weather forecast for that day predicted an approaching storm.


Losing all hope, Paul took to Facebook to announce the disappearance of Percy. Many people offered to assist him in searching for his missing cat. Unfortunately, Paul was unable to delay his deliveries and wait for Percy’s return.

“I’m a commercial truck driver… and I’ve committed to delivering my cargo by a certain time. I don’t have the option to stay if I want to,” he explained.

With a heavy heart, Paul continued on his route, feeling as though he had abandoned his beloved feline companion. He completed two deliveries and drove 400 miles when a miracle occurred.

As he turned around, he spotted an oil-covered stray cat emerging from underneath his truck – it was Percy!


The cat looked hungry and tired, but he was alright. Following that incident, Paul made sure to keep a vigilant watch over him. Now, the pair has been inseparable for three years, and their bond is stronger than ever.

“The other day I found myself laughing at one of his playful antics and I thought: ‘It’s nice to live alone sometimes because you can have everything your own way – but I wouldn’t be laughing like this if I were alone.’ Percy brings joy to my spirit and soul,” Paul shared.

What a heartwarming friendship! We’re thrilled that Paul and Percy found each other. Undoubtedly, having a companion makes everything better.


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