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Team Of Firefighters Has Rescued A 2day-old Kitten After It Was Trapped In A Sewer Pipe For More Than 14 Hours

A team of firefighters has rescued a 2-day-old kitten after it was trapped in a sewer pipe for more than 4 hours.

Alannah Merleto, a 3-year-old girl with a habit of flushing the toilet, followed her 2-day-old kitten into the water as a prank. Fortunately, the kitten survived and was rescued by a team of firefighters after being trapped in the sewer for more than four hours.

Ammie Merleto, Alannah’s mother, was very concerned when she heard about it. She said: “I was struggling and didn’t know what to do when I heard a cat meowing in the sewer downstairs and I called the fire brigade immediately.

When an eight-person fire department arrived at Merleto’s home, they used a wire with a camera on the end to watch the kitten get stuck in the pipe. While rescuing the cat was difficult, firefighters assured Ammie and baby Alannah they would do what they could.

Firefighters arrived just in time.

First, the firefighters broke through the concrete floor of the toilet and entered the underground pipe. It took them over 4 hours to be able to cut the right part of the pipe that was holding the kitten. Although wet, the kitten was safe. If it is not found and rescued in time, the kitten is likely to suffocate to death in it.

The cameras showed the kitten stuck in the drain.

Fortunately, the kitten is still safe and sound.

The Merleto family decided to name the cat Cain — after the fire chief who ran Operation Kitten Rescue. Captain Kane is known to have been a plumber before joining the fire service.

As for Alanna, she promises to never take a kitten to the bathroom again.

Pussca the cat mother, Cain the cat and her brothers.



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