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The ‘Murder Mittens’ Group Is All About Cats Showing Off Their Claws, And Here Are 40 Of The Most Scarily Cute Ones

Cats are undeniably cute and can make us forget that they are descended from big cats like lions and panthers. However, there is a subreddit named ‘Murder Mittens’ where cat owners share pictures of their felines seemingly about to ‘kill’ them (with cuteness, of course).

Be prepared to be charmed by the unexpectedly large scratchies of small cattos, the panther-like claws of well-groomed floofs, and even the sight of them reaching for a knife in your kitchen. These shockingly adorable photos are bound to make you feel weak in the knees.

As you scroll through, feel free to upvote your favorite pictures and share photos of your own cats’ ‘murder mittens’ in the comment section. However, be cautious when viewing this list around your cat, as you wouldn’t want to give them any ideas! As a cat owner, it is essential to take good care of your pet’s claws. To learn more about cat claw health, read Bored Panda’s interview with the UK’s leading feline welfare charity, Cats Protection.

Lastly, make sure to visit the r/murdermittens subreddit, which already has a whopping 140k members. We are certain that cat-loving Pandas would be a welcome addition to their community!

#1 Out In Full Force This Morning!

#2 I’m Slightly Terrified

#3 Murder Mittens Used To Beg For His Wet Food. He Wants Us To Know He Could Rip Us Apart If We Neglect To Feed Him. Murder Mittens.

#4 Scalp Massage

#5 Action Mm’s

#6 I Can’t Ever Go To The Bathroom In Peace.

#7 How I Am Greeted When I Get Home Every Day

#8 Teeny Tiny Vicious Murder Mittens

#9 He Attac

#10 Soon

#11 Just When I Thought It Was Safe To Go To The Bathroom! (Bandit Strikes Again!)

#12 Touch Tha Chockamachip Cookee

#13 Gus Just Moved In, He’s Making Sure We Know He’s The Boss Now.

#14 My Cat Had Kittens. Here Are All 3 Of Them!

#15 She Looked Familiar…

#16 Fear Me Hoomans

#17 Yoshi, The Panther

#18 As I Was Leaving Work My Coworkers Told Me I Had A Cat In My Trucks Engine Bay. Meet Fjord The Mighty Huntress.

#19 Paws

#20 Smol Floofy Murder Mitts

#21 Stretching The Mittens

#22 Someone’s Ready For Dinner

#23 Like A Godly Hand

#24 Bebe Precioso!!!!!

#25 Very Unique

#26 Wolverine

#27 Baby Bella’s Lunch Time. One Month Old And Rescued From The Trash. Direct Descendent Of Toothless

#28 Mama Lynx With 7 Cubs. Hmm… 8×4=32 Murder Mittens!

#29 Murderwebs

#30 Teeniest Murder Mittens

#31 Press On The Beans And You Get The Means…

#32 Murder Mitten And A Tooth For Good Measure.

#33 When The Murder Mittens Aren’t Enough

#34 Also Very Smol

#35 My Favourite Baby Photo Of Him


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